Psychiatry that puts you first

Welcome to my psychiatry practice, where I merge medication management with my expertise in psychotherapy. I'm excited to invite you into a space dedicated to your well-being and fulfillment. I treat every client with a tailored approach that goes at your pace. Through collaboration, we will attempt to understand the roots of your life challenges and work towards lasting change.

Together, I hope to develop a comprehensive understanding of your unique experiences which could include: mood concerns, anxiety, relationship problems, unfulfilling work, identity issues, young-adult challenges, marital problems, etc. 

I tend to approach my clients using a psychodynamic or psychoanalytic perspective which means delving into your concerns to uncover patterns and dynamics that influence thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Through the lens of psychoanalysis, we work to foster self-awareness, encouraging you to explore the complexities of your inner world. You can read more about it here.

The journey to finding yourself starts here.